Data visualization for real-time monitoring of connected farms We leverage Digital Technologies such as IOT and Big Data Analytics to help farmers improve productivity and income per hectare.
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Increase Transit Cargo Safety, Speed up clearance Process Our Technology Stack provides a non-intrusive system to monitor transit cargo and provide information on the status of the cargo at any given time Read more Leak free examination paper delivery or any other valuable asset Patent Pending IoT Box for shippers, Bankers, security agencies to actively monitor the security and integrity of the assets.
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Bringing in the most effective ways of managing the livestock Monitor mastitis, activity and health of your livestock for better productivity and management. Read more Solution for day-to-day operational challenges faced by fleet managers IoT data visualization and pro-active alerts on violations in real-time Read more

IoT platform for enterprises

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a grid of things (objects/sensors) that contain embedded software to communicate and interact with their internal states or the external environment. These IoT Sensors have ability to collect and transfer data over a network without manual intervention. The connecting of assets, processes and personnel enables individuals/ enterprises in learning the behavior and usage, achieve predictive analytics and re-engineer business processes. The IoT is a foundational capability for the creation of a digital business.



The ability to capture data from multiband sensors, generate data points using dashboards and generate analytics from the sensor data…



The platform enables high level of integration between data acquisition, validation and processing. The platform supports the most varied use cases and…


Anything as a Service (XaaS)

Locate365 IoT Platform are offered as XaaS (Anything as a Service) solutions, with comprehensive monitoring, reduced…


Cross-platform Interoperability

A fully decentralized, composable and dynamic federation of heterogeneous IoT platforms. Enable rapid commissioning…




  • Cloud Ready Solution – Secured Multi-Tenlant Platform with Data Privacy
  • Robust scalable architecture using Web API
  • BOT Framework – Chat BOTS for end-user support/status queries
  • Analytics – Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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Our platform


5000+ users globally
650,000 Alerts processed
100,000 liters of fuel optimized
1.5 Million+ assets tracked
5000+ users globally

Use Cases on Locate 365


The Internet of Things has opened up a new line of innovation in connecting the things worldwide.


The Internet of Things has its application and use cases across all the industries like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mobility and Security, Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain, Infrastructure etc.


Techno Brain provides Locate365 – an Enterprise IOT Platform for a large majority of the established IOT use cases.

Transit Monitoring

  • Secure Cargo Tracking
  • Seal Monitoring
  • Theft detection and Alarms
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Platform Key Features

  • Responsive and scalable architecture based on a set of microservices.
  • Advanced and flexible IoT data visualization for both real-time and historical data.
  • Integration with third-party systems for insights and import those insights for decision making.
  • Independent Device management and provisioning Services.
  • Intelligent Schedulerfor report generation, sensor/ device configurations and various data analytics.
  • Generate reports using dashboards visualization capabilities. Generate reports by schedule or export by demand.

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