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Virtual Reality

Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies were mainly used in the gaming industry, but now the technology is being adopted by other professions such as Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Real Estate just to mention a few. It is possible to immerse yourself into a simulated environment, picking up intricate details for your understanding.


Techno Brain has developed solutions for various professions, making it possible for effective understanding of actual and computer-generated scenarios. The solutions are created using both Mixed reality and Virtual reality Immersive Technologies.

Mixed Reality is the blending of

the physical and digital worlds


Mixed & Virtual Reality solves foundational business problems across industries

Mixed Reality business applications address foundational business problems, allowing you to quickly prototype concepts and build customer momentum.

Remote assistance

Solve complex problems in context with heads-up, hands-free calling

Space planning

Design room layouts with 3D holograms in the real world


Train employees with instructions in the physical context of
their work


Collaborate on physical products and planning using 3D holograms

Spatial insight

Improve operational efficiency with real-time data from the environment

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Mixed Reality (MR)


Mixed Reality (MR), makes it is possible to blend digital models with the actual environment. MR establishes an effective communication language, allowing clients to interact with designs that are yet to be constructed.

This is an opportunity for businesses like Real Estate developers to create a virtual environment where they can showcase unlimited number of construction projects anywhere and anytime without being limited to physical models. The application of MR is broad. Ranging from complicated surgery procedures to simple educational content to simulation of cities with various infrastructure elements.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) provides a realistic environment that cannot be differentiated from an actual environment. With VR, it’s possible to go through your off-plan dream home, making a tour across various rooms while making texture and material changes, all this while having the ambiance of the surroundings in real-time.


Design is always very subjective and VR provides the right environment for experimentation and understanding of customer preference without limitation of cost.


What We Can Do for You

Mixed reality (MR)

We use MR in Architectural, Construction and Real Estate fields by creating scalable 3D models that can be overlaid in the office or any convenient place to understand the project scope. The digital model can also be overlaid on site to visualize how the project interacts in real-time with actual elements.

Virtual Showrooms

We create immersive on-plan and off-plan designs for the Building and Design Industry. This makes it possible for any developer to showcase multiple designs allowing prospective clients to immerse themselves inside the design, appreciating the form and functionality of space in real time.

Virtual tour applications

With Virtual tour applications, we create gamified experience of designs. This application can be accessed remotely from any location using a phone, tablet or even a computer. The application is also embedded on social media platform for a massive outreach.

360 Videos

We create immersive 360 video content that are effective in the education, tourism and hospitality industries. A user is totally immersed into the content environment, feeling the experiences being simulated.

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