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Our initiative focuses on creating ‘Made In Africa’ solutions and promoting self-sustenance, social empowerment, long term economic stability and sustainability for the people of Africa


Prioritising Africa

Techno Brain’s focus on innovation has allowed us to deliver ground-breaking solutions across industries. We help enterprises adapt to evolving markets and new technological paradigms through strategic consulting, application and enterprise management solutions, and advanced technologies including Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence, Mobility, Cloud Computing, and Analytics.

For Africa, By Africa and In Africa

We develop Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions from Africa. We work closely with governments, NGOs, and private sector enterprises to understand demographics, unique requirements, the scale of deployment and the impact  our solutions have. The fact that the people who develop these solutions are the same people who stand to benefit from them, ensures unparalleled success.

Collaborating with Governments

We have developed and deployed a myriad of citizen-centric projects in the last ten years across Africa. The benefits of their successful implementation can be seen in many African societies.

For example, some border control authorities have been able to ensure improved security and reduce illegal trespassing. We have enabled government financial departments to increase transparency and offer better services, and law enforcement agencies to identify criminals using biometrics. We have also helped local government bodies to offer better citizen services. In addition to these, deployment of mSecured™ and mIVR™ has helped Africa address traditional challenges like high maternal mortality rates, child abuse and the spread of HIV/AIDS.



Opportunity Creation

Our ‘Africa First’ approach extends into our BPO/ITES and Training divisions as well.

Through our BPO/ITES division, we create employment opportunities for young Africans, equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge, and give them a chance to be a part of the global outsourcing industry.

Our training division, exclusively available for Africans, transforms talented locals into industry-ready professionals, who are not only familiar with industry best practices, but are experts at working with the latest technologies.

We provide backing through our training division and help improve lives with career opportunities in our BPO/ITES division.

A Constant Strife

Our Africa 1st Initiative is an integral part of our core and guides us every step of the way. Our mission is to provide more robust and technology-rich solutions that are citizen-centred, so that our collective vision for Africa is successfully realised. Our technological innovations and solutions have helped make inroads for Africa into global markets.

Here is a list of a few of the things that we have already initiated and done.

  1. SAP Skill for Africa: We have successfully trained 63 students on FI & BI Modules in Kenya, by partnering with SAP and ICTA, Kenya. We will be taking this forward by releasing a similar programme in Angola, Ethiopia, Morocco and Kenya in 2015.
  2. Microsoft Biz4Africa: We tied up with Microsoft for Entrepreneurship Development Program for the SME segment in Microsoft.
  3. Microsoft TUKOworks: We worked with Microsoft as an advisor for capacity building in Africa with special focus on Academia, NGO and SME segment.
  4. Kenya DigiTalent Program: We are a part of the President’s Advisory Council to build capacity in the public sector and are one of the largest contributors in conceptualisation, delivery and internships.Watch our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLl6a529IiY
  5. We have been awarded the Global Youth Spark Initiative Program for building capacity and impact sourcing by Microsoft.Watch our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIa6QD8ra-Q
  6. We have been selected by Oracle for providing impact sourcing facilities in Africa.
  7. We have provided 4000 merit-based and need-based scholarships, as part of our Africa 1st Scholarships last year.
  8. At Malawi, we have received the award for Best Digital Marketing for our capacity building activity campaign – “Education for All, Gifts for All”.